Name 忍者棒球(Transporting Classic)
Category Casual
Size 26.7MB
Popularity 6329
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 20/11/2020
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忍者棒球(Transporting Classic) Transporting Classic

忍者棒球(Transporting Classic) Game Introduction :

\”Ninja Baseball\” is a classic arcade game. In the game, you can choose 4 ninja baseball players of red, green, yellow and blue. They are good at skill, speed, strength and long-range attack. Many actions come from actual skills in baseball games. The characters of the enemy are also cute cartoon images of the Q version. Although there are only two buttons for hitting and jumping, the operation is also the standard \”Fast Fighting Whirlwind\” type, but the tricks in this work are more abundant, and they have their own nirvana for different characters: JOSE is to rush forward, jump forward, RYNO It is jumping up and down while jumping, ROGER is jumping in a circle close to the enemy\’s joystick, STRAW is jumping back and forth, and all characters have a large-scale summoning skill that uses front and rear punches while jumping.
Everyone likes to play green RYNO. Because his moves are simple, especially suitable for rookies, you can often see newbies use RYNO to clear customs. RYNO is still the most powerful in ninja baseball. One of STRAW\’s advantages is that after AA, you can even connect ←↙↓↘→+B (must kill) And form a continuous technique. The most difficult thing to play is ROGER. Although he can even kill after AA like STRAW, players often don\’t use him because his special skills are difficult to perform, especially when using game simulators on the computer. When playing, it caused him to fall out of favor.

忍者棒球(Transporting Classic) Game screenshot :

忍者棒球(Transporting Classic)

忍者棒球(Transporting Classic)

忍者棒球(Transporting Classic)

忍者棒球(Transporting Classic)

忍者棒球(Transporting Classic) (26.7MB)

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