Name Arvoch Space Combat
Category Role Playing
Size 57.5MB
Popularity 2310
Publisher StarWraith 3D Games LLC
Score 6.0
Publish Date 09/06/2022
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Arvoch Space Combat Game Introduction :

Arvoch Space Combat is an advanced technical space combat flight simulation for mobile devices. It is a full six degrees of freedom (6DOF) space-sim that features many of the flight and combat capabilities found in the desktop game, Arvoch Alliance SE, but with a user interface and flexible control systems designed for mobile devices. From shield array management to Newtonian style physics, multiple weapon classes to custom ship component configurations, countermeasures to comprehensive Heads-Up-Display (HUD) elements, Arvoch Space Combat offers one of the most advanced space combat simulations available on mobile devices.


– Three custom battle modes – Dogfight, Squadrons, and Strike. You control the scenario by selecting how many ships are in the battle, which ship types (light, medium, or heavy), environment, time and/or kill limits, and team assignments. Difficulty and challenge are fully adjustable with these available custom parameters.

– 20 mission campaign spanning diverse environments with increasing battle scenario difficulty. Succeed in any battle mode and destroy enemy ships to increase your rank for access to more advanced spacecraft, weapons, and equipment.

– Full six axis freedom of movement control in open space providing roll, pitch, yaw, horizontal strafe, vertical strafe, and forward/reverse. Newtonian style physics system allows for drifting and slide maneuvers including the ability to turn off computer aided thruster compensation to freely drift.

– Integrated tracking guidance system that helps keep the nose of your ship pointed at the enemy automatically. This way, you can focus your control input on strafing and firing weapons while the tracking system helps keep you aligned with a target.

– Advanced graphics including environment/reflection effects and in-scene 3D cockpit.

– Diverse environments that have unique effects on your ship and its systems.

– HUD and advanced display systems designed to deliver as much information as feasible to the pilot in the smallest visual scan range in true combat fighter style format.

– Multiple flight control options including on-screen touch sticks (one for rotation control and one for strafe control), tilt, swipe, and game controller with reverse Y axis options. Screen sticks and swipe are enabled by default and can be used together for both higher movement ratio control and finer trim control. Screen sticks can also be reversed for left or right hand control preferences.

– On screen labelled buttons for the most important flight and combat control options.

– System Console for shield array augmentation, energy bias, speed scaling factor, targeting mode, auto-aiming mode, radar mode, and throttle range mode controls. The system console also pauses the game to provide as much time as needed to manage these options.

– Full 3D radar providing the direction of all spacecraft contacts in range. An optional overhead 2D mode is also available for a range and compass direction focused display.

– Customize your combat spacecraft with multiple component classes and variable configuration options. Balance the available slot capacity of your spacecraft between particle cannons, beam cannons, missiles, equipment, shield cells, energy shields, thrusters, and engines for your preferences and style of play. Monitor your changes and the effects they have on your ship\’s performance in various categories with the specs displayed in the middle of the loadout screen.

– With custom ship configuration options comes automatic saving. The game will also automatically load the last configuration used when you played and also automatically retrieve the last configuration you used for a different ship type you select.

– Manage up to 18 different profiles including the ability to delete or rename any as desired.

Positive/constructive feedback, interest, and relevant reviews will help determine possible future development and/or availability on Google Play.

Arvoch Space Combat Game screenshot :

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Arvoch Space Combat(No ads) Game screenshot  2

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Arvoch Space Combat (57.5MB)

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