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The description of Beauty Tips App

Those blessed with healthy skin, attractive features, youthful charm and glamorous body are fortunate ,how to look radiant from head to feet with the help of natural beauty aids and herbal ingredients. This app describes useful tips for women in detail, to bring out your beauty and explains various questions to the readers.Each category has got various subheadings such as Natural homemade tips for Fair Skin, Face Cleanser, Blemishes of face, Head lice, Dandruff, Loss of hair, Prickly heat, Dark inner thighs and underarms etc.You will find remedies for you’re the following problems of hair, face, skin, eyes, hands and feet :1. Problems of Hair: dandruff, split ends, graying hair, hair fall, head lice, dry and damaged hair.2. Problems of Face: blackheads, teeth whitening, face wrinkles, fair skin, dark lips, acne (pimples), blemishes.3. Problems of Skin: glowing skin, warts, stretch marks, prickly heat.4. Problems of Eyes: dark circles, puffy eyes, beautiful eyes, sunken eyes, better eyebrows, thicker and longer eyelashes.5. Problems of Hands & feet: dry & rough hands, nail growth, pink shiny nails, dark inner thighs, dark underarms, cracked heels, dark hands & feet. So, ‘ Beauty Tips app ’ – Hair, Face, Skin, Eyes is a one stop solution for all your daily care and beauty related problems where you not just get more than 1000 home remedies for beauty tips but also get diet tips and exercise plans as well.All remedies mentioned in the app are completely natural and uses only your basic kitchen ingredients like turmeric, lemon, baking powder, ginger, garlic, tulsi, basil, potatoes, tomatoes, butter, olive oil, vinegar, fruit pulps like papaya, cucumber, banana, apple and others. Also, this body care and beauty tips app is suitable for all men, women and children of all ages.

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