Name Decisive badminton
Category Casual
Size 294.5MB
Popularity 5752
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 17/01/2022
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Mod Info:

Decisive badminton The live-action PVP badminton mobile game \”Defense Badminton\” has been officially launched at 10 a.m. on August 6, welcome to download and experience it!

Decisive badminton Game Introduction :

[Final Badminton] is the world\’s first free live-action badminton sports game! Two-handed operation, third-person perspective, MOBA feel, RPG competitive strategy, experience a new sports mobile game. Mature 3D rendering technology, ultra-high-definition real stadium construction, restore the professional badminton stadium! Athletes, are you ready to play? The bloody arena, the war is burning, waiting for you to fight!
*Game Features*
*Regular displacement + smash dunks, hundreds of ball routes, with classic badminton skills, dominate the game, show off your operations, and make you the best MVP on the court!
*Global real-time match, 1V1 real-time hot-blooded battle, restore the spirit of badminton competitive sports, and compete with badminton players from all over the world! *Create your own player role, choose the type of role-offensive, defensive, and balanced. Your unique athlete career is defined by you!
*Personalized clothing, as you wish: space suits, cheongsams, cowboys, school uniforms, police uniforms and other special clothing will make you out of the circle and win more applause!
*Exquisite badminton rackets of different qualities and levels, more limited out of print rackets, how to match your character attributes? You need your wisdom* to simulate a real badminton court, restore the professional stadium, and let you have the ultimate high-definition audio-visual experience!
*Unlock mystery treasure chests, rackets, training cards, experience cards, skin fragments, diamonds, gold coins, massive resources waiting for you to collect* Wonderful badminton leagues, championships, group matches, the brave will win if you meet on a narrow road!
*Regular qualifying tournaments will make you an invincible badminton master and world champion in the world!
[More highlights] New upgrade, smooth operation of two-key displacement, two-key hitting, one-key dunk! The all-round mobile batting design requires not only flexible positioning, but also your smart challenge! There is also a physical strength bar during the game, which requires you to use badminton tactics flexibly to suppress your opponents!
Real-time matchmaking, fierce and fair real-time matchmaking mechanism, real-time confrontation with badminton masters from all over the world, rookie? amateur? Professional athletes? Everything is possible! Dare to come and discuss skills with them?
Character development, strategy training The upgrade and training of the character requires a variety of different props, training cards, and experience cards. The racket and skin clothing also need to be matched with different attributes, which can be combined into thousands of training routes. Want to turn your character into a badminton master with victorious battles? Then come and use your wisdom!
Abundant dress-ups and matching exciting games as you wish. Gorgeous clothing is needed. From ordinary sportswear to unique clothing, there are more than 20 kinds of rich and exquisite clothing that you can match and change, which will make you stand out on the court!
Ranked gameplay, the top of the decisive battle will give you a racket, can you rush to the top? Classic badminton tournaments such as the classic ranking competitions, championships and championships. With the strength to carry the arena and the technology to break through the siege, they will be on the global list and compete with players from all over the world!

Decisive badminton Game screenshot :

Decisive badminton Game screenshot  1

Decisive badminton Game screenshot  2

Decisive badminton Game screenshot  3

Decisive badminton Game screenshot  4

Decisive badminton Game screenshot  5

Decisive badminton Game screenshot  6

Decisive badminton (294.5MB)


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