Name Flash Game Player NEW
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Developer Mobile Apps Studio
Score 8.4
Publish Date: 2020-02-27
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The description of Flash Game Player NEW App

Flash Game Player upgraded now. We called it Flash Game Player NEW. With high optimized engine, you can play flash almost in full speed.The older version will just still there in case someone really need it, and it will change name to Flash Game Player Classic.Old version link:'s this:This is a Flash Player for Android device with Gamepad supported. You can use this application to play your favourite Flash Games, Videos and etc. Support your mobile phone and tablet. Tested with newest Android device. And also keep developing.With new Version you will find the new features:1. No need to install Adobe Flash Player plugin anymore.2. Support newest Android OS.3. High speed Flash Game experiences, base pre-version it's up to 50%.4. Support Drag/Mouse Function now.5. Gamepad Configuare Optimized.6. Gamepad transparency supported now.7. New Flash Browser mode.8. New Flash Grabber, much easy to find the .swf file on web page.9. Web History and bookmark added.10. New UI Design.HOW TO:1. Use WEB Button to play online Flash Games. – The TOP RIGHT flash button is used to download the .swf file on current page.2. The file browser used to play local Flash Games. – Copy your favorite Flash Game to your device and open it with this application.3. In player screen, you can press the back button to show the menu view, you can custom your Gamepad and buttons. Don't forget to save as your layout.

screenshot :

Flash Game Player NEW poster

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