Name Jsho
Category Books & Reference App
Size 18.1 MB
Reviews 5754
Developer Richard L
Score 10.0
Publish Date: 2019-06-17
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The description of Jsho App

Jsho is an English-Japanese dictionary that aims to be simple, lightweight, fast and accurate. No unnecessary splash screens and no need to download any additional files.Features: • 100% functional offline • Flexible input/search methods  - Multi-radical kanji search  - Limited wildcard searching using '*' (JP only and slower than normal searching)  - Romaji input automatically converted to hiragana  - Filter search results by noun, adjective, verb etc. • Input analysis (accuracy will be improved over time, please expect mistakes)  - De-inflects conjugated words  - Attempts to split sentences into individual words and perform searches on each • Detailed lexical information  - Pitch accent & parts of speech info. for words  - Detailed kanji information  - Stroke order animation (viewable by tapping kanji on Kanji Details page)  - Verb conjugation tables • Multiple display options  - Toggle between kana/romaji  - Select between light & dark themes • 3rd party connectivity  - Send words directly to AnkiDroid  - Can share words with Jsho from other apps • Bookmark search resultsPlease note: • Extracted dictionary files require approx. 37MB of external storage space • Ads shown when online ('Remove Ads' is currently disabled due to some issues) • Network permission is used only for ads, this app doesn't collect any user data whatsoever

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