Name Language Therapy Lite
Category Medical App
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Reviews 2570
Developer Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.
Publish Date: 2022-03-11
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The description of Language Therapy Lite App

Join over 100,000 people world-wide by getting your free trial of the best-selling Language Therapy app, a 4-in-1 value pack combining Comprehension, Naming, Writing, and Reading Therapy.This app contains nearly full functionality for a limited number of words, allowing you to see how this powerful app works as a comprehensive speech therapy toolkit for people with aphasia. Spanish, French, German, & English (UK & North American) languages are all available in one app.All the Language Therapy components contain real, full-color photos, e-mail reports, and a mature and simple interface suitable for adults with aphasia. Found in countless hospitals and clinics across the world, these apps have received rave reviews. ** Comprehension Therapy Lite – 7 words on the Automatic mode to adjust difficulty based on performance. All 3 modes available – Listen, Read, and Listen&Read. Add up to 4 of your own words! (The full version of Comprehension Therapy has over 500 nouns, 100 verbs, and 100 adjectives with the ability to add unlimited custom words!)** Naming Therapy Lite – 5 words in Naming Practice, Describe, and Flashcards with the ability to add 1 of your own words! (The full version of Naming Therapy has over 400 words in Naming Practice, 550 words in Describe, and over 700 nouns, verbs and adjectives in Flashcards with the ability to add an unlimited number of custom words/pictures to the app. It also includes a brief Naming Test for screening.) ** Writing Therapy Lite – 5 words in all 12 levels of exercises plus the ability to add one of your own words! Copy, Fill-in-the-Blank, Write What you See, and Write What you Hear work on Easy, Medium, and Hard levels. (The full version of Writing Therapy contains over 500 words plus the ability to add your own words and pictures!) ** Reading Therapy Lite – 5 target words across 4 modes: Phrase Matching, Sentence Matching, Phrase Completion, and Sentence Completion. Add one of your own exercises to each mode! (The full version of Reading Therapy contains over 1800 exercises and allows you to add unlimited custom exercises!) Download this app today to try it for yourself!Visit for tips, tricks, videos, and helpful resources on how to get the most out of each app.Looking for something different in a speech therapy app? We offer a wide range to choose from. Get the right one for you at

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