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Publish Date: 2022-04-22
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The description of Livaat App

Live Streaming of concerts by celebrities, popular artists and many live shows by talented performers and hosts from different fieldsLIVAAT is the ultimate place for all types of virtual live events and shows which is a true celebration of life. It is a huge platform specially created for all types of artists, performers and hosts to showcase their talent to their friends, fans, followers and to the whole world. LIVAAT is an exclusive platform that connects the huge community of event creators with viewers spread across the world. If you are looking forward to watching your favorite artist performing live on stage, then you don't have to go anywhere. On the LIVAAT app, you can watch them directly on your mobile in your own comfort zone. It is like seeing your artists doing a show only for you. The event is live streamed to your mobile phone and is personalized enough to leave you with an amazing and wonderful experience. Undoubtedly, watching events on LIVAAT is going to leave you spell bound and with a feeling of being extra special. You can choose to watch any type of live content as you like and as and when it happens in any part of the world. LIVAAT will notify you with all upcoming events and shows and you can easily book your event in a simple and smooth manner. Reminders will pop up on your mobile so that you don't miss out watching the live performance of your favorite stars. LIVAAT also gives you an opportunity to watch replays for a selected time in case you missed out the live shows. Upcoming events are categorized in an orderly manner for you to browse through easily and select the ones you like. Replays are also organized sequentially for your ease of use. Tell your friends about LIVAAT so that they can also join you and enjoy the live streaming experience as more and more celebrities and artists are joining the platform and getting ready to perform for you, for your family and for your friends. It is truly a redefined experience of live shows. Have a great time and enjoy many memorable moments on LIVAAT.

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