Name Magia Record
Category Role Playing
Size 52.8MB
Popularity 6167
Publisher Komoe Game
Score 6.0
Publish Date 07/01/2022
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Mod Info:

Magia Record Mod Menu
1.Dumb Enemy
2.Magia Improvement
3.Increased Damage Dealt
4.Diminish Damage Taken
5.Auto Win battle in 1 turn (But no drop!)
6.AutoBattle is not blocked (Always enabled)

Magia Record Game Introduction :

This record of, is the story of the magical girls new pieces
With classic animation \”magic girl small circle\” of the world as the background and magical girl RPG
Trees may, troupe dog curry (mud), SHAFT and other \”small circle\” original production team a strong rally, give players the \”small round magic girl\” new stories.

【 summary 】
When implementing a wish, the young girl become a magical girl, as a cost, she bear the bride and fight fate.
The story took place in the emerging city – god marina city. Where change is happening.
As directed, magic girls gathered together, with siren on the protracted battle.

\”Clothes are disappear?\”
Eager to find missing younger sister\’s magical girl \”color ring feather\”
\”As long as know the secret of the city, maybe deer mesh can be saved…\”
Desire to save the value of the magical girl \”xiao mei flame\”

Magic girls missing intertwined, germination out of the new hope.

In the process of story forward, magic girls battle group.
With new instruction selection method, called action set to magic, skill, evil female incarnation (\\), and other elements, the combination of high strategic battle.

The story by
With hero \”colored feather\” as the center \”the story\”
In other time axis and magic girls in the \”other\”
Each of their magical girl stories \”magical girl story\”
In the story of weaving, more than 30 personality rich girls will make an appearance in this magic.

Magia Record Game screenshot :

Magia Record(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  1

Magia Record(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  2

Magia Record(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  3

Magia Record(Mod Menu) Game screenshot  4

Magia Record (52.8MB)

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