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The description of MaterialDrawer App

*About the MaterialDrawer*Does your application *contain a Drawer*? Do you want to have it up and running in *less than 5 minutes*? Do you want your drawer to follow the *Android Design Guidelines*? Do you have profiles? Do you need *flexibility*? Is *Google's navigation Drawer of the design support* not enough for you? Do you want a *simple and easy* to understand api?*If any (or all) of these questions seem familiar, the MaterialDrawer is the perfect library for you.**Never* waste your time again. It provides you with the easiest possible implementation of a navigation drawer for your application. There is a Header with profiles (*AccountHeader*), a *MiniDrawer* for Tablets (like Gmail), provide *custom DrawerItems, custom colors, custom themes, … No limits for customizations*.*A quick overview about what's in*➤ *the easiest possible integration*➤ integrate in less then *5 minutes*➤ compatible down to *API Level 10*➤ includes an *AccountSwitcher*➤ quick and simple api➤ follows the *Google Material Design Guidelines*➤ use *vector* (.svg) icons and *icon fonts* via the *Android-Iconics* integration ➤ *Google Material Design* Icons, Google *Material Community* Design Icons, *FontAwesome* and more➤ comes with various *themes* which help to get your own themes clean➤ modify the colors on the go➤ *uses the AppCompat support library v23*➤ comes with multiple default drawer items➤ based on a *RecyclerView*➤ *RTL* support➤ Gmail like *MiniDrawer*➤ *badge* support➤ define custom drawer items➤ tested and *stable*➤ sticky footer or headers➤ absolutely *NO limits*This is the sample app for the library. You can find all details, how to use, … on the github page!–> <–

screenshot :

MaterialDrawer poster

MaterialDrawer screenshot 1

MaterialDrawer screenshot 2

MaterialDrawer screenshot 3

MaterialDrawer screenshot 4

MaterialDrawer screenshot 5

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