Name Microphone Amplifier
Category Medical App
Size 2.3 MB
Reviews 1279
Developer Ronasoft Media
Publish Date: 2022-06-22
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The description of Microphone Amplifier App

Microphone Amplifier lets you use your microphone as a sound amplifier and audio recorder to help you hear speech, conversations, TV, lectures and sounds from your surroundings more clearly. With Microphone Amplifier, you can use the microphone to amplify sound and route audio from mic to speaker or mic to headphones.For people with hearing loss who cannot afford a medical hearing aid device, Microphone Amplifier makes it possible to use your phone as a hearing aid device. Simply connect wired earphones or Bluetooth headphones and tap "Listen" to hear everything around you clearly.Microphone Amplifier uses phone microphone or headphone microphone to detect and enhance sounds around you for your ears. Microphone Amplifier is an everyday companion for many people with hearing loss during conversations with family, friends and colleagues.WHY USE MICROPHONE AMPLIFIER?- Boost important sound such as speech and reduce background noise.- Hear better sound from devices like TVs without disturbing others.- Use as hearing aid device to stop hearing loss.- Listen to lectures from the back.- Know when something dangerous happens around you.- Hear speech clearly during conversations and meetings.- Stop asking people to repeat what they say.- Record audio while listening.- Save and apply your custom settings.HOW TO USE MICROPHONE AMPLIFIER:- Connect headphones (wired or Bluetooth).- Launch Microphone Amplifier and tap "Listen".- Listen to the clear sound coming through your headphones.- Adjust the audio settings to your preferred levels.Disclaimer: Microphone Amplifier does not replace a medical hearing aid device. Consult your audiologist if you’re experiencing hearing loss.

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