Name mugen死神vs火影Tceam(散人d提供)
Category Action
Size 831.0MB
Popularity 4537
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 17/11/2020
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Mod Info:

mugen死神vs火影Tceam(散人d提供) Added Reaper vs Naruto based on the original
Jotaro, Dio, Kira Yoshikage and other characters in JOJO\’s Bizarre Adventure
Ainz Urgon in King of the Undead
Saitama in One Punch Man
Kirito in Sword Art Online, Asuna
Misaka Mikoto in a certain scientific railgun, Accelerator
Arturia, Emiya Shirou and many other anime characters in fate

mugen死神vs火影Tceam(散人d提供) Game Introduction :

\”Reaper vs Naruto\” is a well-known game with a horizontal 2D fighting game produced by Jian Jian and published by 5Dplay website, with a total hits of more than 1 million people! \”Reaper vs Naruto\” has a rich and diverse character pool and an easy-to-use interface Design, such as the skill operation of the arm and finger, the auxiliary characters that are on call, the more realistic endurance system, the ever-changing secluded step combos, the continuously optimized and balanced character attributes, the continuously updated new characters, and the new additions buff mechanism, giving players an excellent gaming experience!

mugen死神vs火影Tceam(散人d提供) Game screenshot :

mugen死神vs火影Tceam(散人d提供) (831.0MB)

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