Name NEXTCHARGE – Charging Stations
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Developer Go Electric Stations
Publish Date: 2022-03-05
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The description of NEXTCHARGE – Charging Stations App

For your convenience, NEXTCHARGE⋆ available in: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German⋆ 200,000+ charge points⋆ Includes itinerary, reviews, status & more!“The future is Near, NEXTCHARGE is here” Available for You.Nobody ever said that going Electric Vehicle would be easy. But an app, you may rely on in EV situations, makes it easier.From the very first click of your smart phone icon 'NEXTCHARGE' you will be transported to an easy-to-use ‘charging station finder’The clean, readable interface of NEXTCHARGE will make reading and mapping station locations simple. You will notice your app is displayed in 2 views: map or list. This gives you a choice.Using ‘map mode’ you can easily find stations within your current area. Zoom-out for more charging station locations. Our grid mapping system decreases your wait time, for stations to load, and ensures mapped stations won’t be missed.Using ‘list mode’ you will see that the description and status of the station are neatly displayed. Along with some basic information: time, distance (mi. or Km), and plug types with their corresponding photo.Selecting a station from the list or a plug icon from the map ultimately yields the same results.A station, selected from the list, displays all of the charging stations provided information.A plug icon, selected from the map, will display a description box below. Select by touching. Information Includes:● Provider ● Address ● km/mi ● LogoClicking the blue information box may display more:● Access ● Plug Type ● Energy ● Price ● ContactInfo box can be dropped or closed by tapping. Icons provide you access to add photos of a charging station, comment or review. You are able to share station information using the ‘networking’ icon.The red icon on the left allows for a direct request to delete or update a station.Back to map vs list – yield same results:By clicking any listed station you will be provided with the same information.The top right icon, once opened, displays all the features of NEXTCHARGE: Settings, basic & contact information. Some important features for Electric Vehicle drivers are displayed in an easy to use ‘button’ format. ▷ Add Stations enables users to help develop the always growing network of electric charging stations. You may: add or request removal of a station and change or update information. *To maintain our quality of service, all data is approved before changes are made.*▷ Itinerary is an absolutely brilliant aspect for any EV driver. You may plan to take a long journey; mapping ahead of time to avoid any charging issues. Allows personalization for your trip.▷ Settings offer what is important to you, customization and convenient service. This includes station’s *real time status* public or private access and connectors.▷ Nearest stations is a navigated map of your surrounding locations. May be zoomed in or out for more stations▷ Going back to “Search” allows you to specify an exact location and if it does not exist on our map feel free to add a station.*Real Time Status* is a quick and easy way to see the status of any station. It makes finding your NEXTCHARGE quick and easy. Clicking the “info” button will show you the colour coded legend of the mapped plugs.

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