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Publish Date: 2022-03-18
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The description of Ovia Fertility App

Whether you're looking for a free period tracker or trying to get pregnant, join millions of women around the world and download Ovia Fertility. Choose Ovia Fertility to be your menstrual calendar, ovulation tracker and fertility friend! You will be able to track your cycle, get period and ovulation predictions, and have an overall health tracker at your fingertips. We use proprietary algorithms based on cutting-edge fertility research to track your cycle and predict your exact ovulation and fertile window. Ovia is the most accurate free fertility tracker, menstrual cycle tracker, period calendar (menstrual cycle diary), ovulation calculator, and free period tracking app. Our algorithm is even an accurate predictor for women with irregular periods who are trying to conceive. Did we mention the app is free?!Our most loved features for those trying to conceive (TTC):◆Receive fertile window predictions and an updated fertility score on a daily basis, so you’ll always know your best days to try to conceive ◆Track your basal body temperature, cervical fluid, cervical position, medications, and other fertility data in your ovulation app calendar and fertility calendar◆Based on your tracked symptoms, receive data feedback and real-time health alerts with a period and ovulation tracker and personalized health tracker◆Daily TTC tips and cycle insights delivered to your timeline. Feels like your own personal period diary◆Access over 2,000 free expert articles on fertility, conception, and reproductive health◆Track your natural cycles and flow intensity using our menstrual cycle calendar and PMS symptom tracker. The Ovia Fertility app is not only an accurate cycle tracker, but also a sensitive regular and irregular period tracker.◆A period calendar with your menstruation, ovulation, and fertile days◆Ask and answer questions anonymously in the Ovia Fertility Tracker CommunityAdditional features for those cycle tracking:◆Support for regular and irregular menstrual cycles◆Customizable data logging to track what's most relevant to you – choose from a variety of categories including symptoms, moods, PMS, exercise, sex, and nutrition◆Know which days to take ovulation tests and get predictions for upcoming periods, ovulation, and PMS◆Log your symptoms, flow intensity, moods, sexual activity, and more and find patterns in your menstrual cycle◆In-app menstrual health encyclopedia and educational content*Ovia Health*In partnership with organizations who share our goal of helping families live happier, healthier lives, we're proud to offer Ovia Health: a maternity and family benefit supporting women and families at home and at work.Do you have Ovia Health as a benefit through an employer or health plan? Download Ovia Fertility and enter your employer and health plan information to access premium tools and features. These may include health coaching, personalized content about your benefits, and health programs such as birth control tracking, endometriosis education, PCOS management, male fertility, and more.About Us:Ovia Health is a digital health company that uses mobile technology to help women and families live healthier lives. The Ovia Health apps have helped millions of women and families on their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys. With billions of data points collected and analyzed, Ovia Health uses data-driven science to help women conceive, have healthier pregnancies, and start families with confidence.Stay in Touch:Blog: http://blog.oviahealth.comFacebook: @oviahealthTwitter: @oviahealthCustomer Service:At Ovia Health, we're always working to improve your experience with our products. Have an idea for Ovia? Let us know! Email us at [email protected] more (FREE!) apps by Ovia:Ovia Pregnancy: Watch baby grow and learn what to expect each week of pregnancyOvia Parenting: Track development, feedings, diapers, and sleep

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