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Publish Date: 2022-01-20
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The description of Pill reminder & med tracker App

Pill Reminder Mr. Pillster helps you schedule your prescriptions and remind you to take medicine at the right time!Sometimes we all get sick. Doctors can prescribe medications for us, but sometimes it's hard to remember when and which pills we have to take.It's not enough just to buy a pack of vitamins and take them on a case-by-case basis.It is important to take your medications consistently and on time. How to Adhere to Your Medication Schedule? Medicine tracker Mr. Pillster can help you with this and!All you need to do is enter the dosage and time of taking the medicine, and the app will remind you about it.Medicine tracker is easy to use, but at the same time, it has ample opportunities to customize it to your needs.The main functions of the application:RECEPTION AND MEDICATION REMINDER• Schedule of pills, drops, mixtures, and other dosage forms by time and days of the week• Full-screen notifications and a reminder when it's time to take a medication or take a required measurement• Accounting for accepted, deferred, and missed appointments. If you miss a reception, it will appear in the list as missed. You can also postpone the appointment at a convenient time for you.• Calculation of the reception schedule depending on the frequency. Specify how many times a day and with what frequency you need to take the pills and the application will automatically calculate the time of taking for you in the required period.• 2 profiles in the free version and unlimited profiles in the Premium version to track the medication intake of the whole family• Convenient to use for pills that need to be taken continuously, throughout life or for a long period, for example, in diabetes mellitus• Accounting for single receptionsMEDICAL MEASUREMENTS• recording and tracking different types of medical measurements in the app:- temperature- arterial pressure- pulse- sugar level- weight- mood level- calories consumed and burned- body fat- pain- steps, etc.• comparison of medical measurements with taken medications• tracking single measurements as needed• scheduled measurements – set a reminder for daily medical measurements of your bodyADDITIONAL FUNCTIONS OF MEDICATION TRACKER• Ability to quickly analyze all the data on the charts• Additional reminders such as:- drink water- relax and meditate- take a walk- otherIn the everyday hustle and bustle, it is difficult not to forget about your health. But this is the most valuable thing you have. I would like to have someone with you around the clock who will take care of your health and help in caring for your loved ones.Your mobile phone, which is always with you with the installed Mr. Pillster application, will become an ideal assistant for you, which will not allow you to forget to take important pills and medications on time.We are ready to answer all your questions, and we are constantly working to improve the functionality of the application. Write your wishes for the finalization of the application to [email protected] will definitely implement them.Take care of yourself and Stay Tuned! ==============================Found a mistake in our language translation? Help us fix it:"

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