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Publisher Otorakobo Inc.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 09/10/2020
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Rainbow Yggdrasil(Paid games to play for free) Paid games to play for free 、 Free download

Rainbow Yggdrasil(Paid games to play for free) Game Introduction :








#Game features
The base of Rainbow Yggdrasil is a traditional roguelike game, and the originality of this game is \”color-changing\”.
The color of the player, monsters, and even dungeon change into various colors.
In this world, RGB itself becomes the parameter! Please experience this brand new game design.

#Scenario mode draws you into a story!
Scenario mode is consists of a total of 30 dungeons.
A girl explores an iridescent world tree \”Rainbow Yggdrasil\” in a white world. Can she find the truth of the world?.
You can enjoy over 10 hours of volume with scenario mode!

#Overwhelmingly challenging!
As a roguelike game, auto-generated dungeons invite you to an infinite labyrinth!
You can enhance/synthesize items and compete for your clear turns with other players all over the world!
Also, we are planning to add dungeons exclusively! I guarantee you this would be a game-you-can-play-for-a-long-time!

#Customize icons as you like!
You can replace the skill icons with your favorite images!
This unique feature allows you to create your own skill sets!

#Twitter connection!
During the gameplay, you can share your game at almost any time!
You can boost your weapons, share your godlike play, or even ask for your followers about strategy when you are in trouble!

**Game summary
You control a girl and explore auto-generated dungeons.
The girl\’s movements and attacks are based on turns.
Each floor in a dungeon has its own color, and monsters\’ color also varies with it.

#A girl
The player controls a girl who has parameters of RGB and HP.
HP is the life, the game is over when her HP becomes 0.
RGB is a color parameter. It affects her attack of defence.
RGB changes by when you pick up an item called \”Emotion Seed\” and the color of the girl also changes.

A girl has can equip items called \”Soulsphere\”.
Soulspheres also have a parameter of RGB. Depending on its RGB and color of the girl, the attack/defence also changes.
You can get Soulspheres in dungeons and can enhance them by collecting the same types.
When enhance, RGB parameters power up according to the RGB of material Soulspheres.

A girl can use special moves by using items called \”Memorybits\”.
Memorybits have various effects, such as \”Area attack\” or \”Attack Up\”.
Memorybits also have parameters of RGB which affect the power of skills.
You can change Memorybits\’ icons to your favorite images.

The monsters that obstruct players during the gameplay also have RGB parameters.
The attack damages vary with colors of a girl, equipment and opponent monsters.

#Color relationship
RGB has a relationship between each other, like \”R(red) is strong against G(green)\”.
Watch carefully for the color of a girl, equipment, and opponent monsters to conquer dungeons!


-On that day, I woke up in a white world.

I had no memory before I fell asleep. The only thing I remember is
that I am \”human\” being.

In my sight, there is a vast world of nothingness…
and a huge world tree shining in rainbow.

Why has the world become like this?
What does that world tree exist for?

Why I can recognize \”that\” is a world tree
by just one look?

I must understand

about this world
and about myself.

I had nowhere to go anyway,
so I started walking to the tree.

*Rainbow Yggdrasil Special teaser site
*Our home page

*Our twitter account

*Our 1st game \”White Girl\”

#System Requirements
Requires Android OS8.

Rainbow Yggdrasil(Paid games to play for free) Game screenshot :

Rainbow Yggdrasil(Paid games to play for free)

Rainbow Yggdrasil(Paid games to play for free)

Rainbow Yggdrasil(Paid games to play for free)

Rainbow Yggdrasil(Paid games to play for free)

Rainbow Yggdrasil(Paid games to play for free) (79.3MB)

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