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Publish Date: 2020-09-14
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The description of RealFont App

80 million user-selected RealFont!Realfont to create your own fonts.You can also make your own Cursive Font!Even after you made your own font, don't embarrased if your font looks not goodYou can fix yours letter by letter(Main-Realfont-Modify), and cursive style of it.*** # 70 Android Market Free Application (Entertainment sector) to achieve*** Achieve Samsung Apps, LG Smart World # 3 # 6 (all)*** # 10 SK T-store free applications (Fun field)2014/3/19 Update Detail1. temporary saving while making font, every 5 letters.2. Market renewal3. free 1500 points to everyone4. Upload your own TTF to market5. Improved Import/Export funcion6. Get 150 points everyday using REAL MESSAGE7. ETC13/11/20Apply your font to your home screen using Dodol Launcher (Camp Mobile)1. Apply realfont : Apply the font you made in our apps to Dodol Launcher2. My Dodol Font : List of My realfont which are applied to dodol launcher3. Shared Dodol Font : You can also try Other people's fonts on your phone.—————————————————————————————————Create your own font that is only one in the world with RealfontYou can change the font on main Screen in your smartphone with your own font using [Dodol Launcher] app (for non-rooted phone)Smartphone system font can be changed by FontChanger App (for the rooted)(seems like blocked by Phone manufacturer -13/12/13-)- If you install your own font on your PC (TTF) it can be used in various applications, such as Word, Office, Photoshop etc.Make a card to send to family, friends, acquaintances, the card contains your own personality and emotion with your handwriting font.And can send to their favorite celebrities fanletter. (Twitter functions are used)Services to change the non-rooted smartphone's system font need to get authority to change android system font, from Google or Smartphone Company (ex. Samsung)* Real font version 3.0 new features – My real writing application changed the name of the font to – Japanese, English, Hangul, provides integrated – The sensitivity of the fine print when making additional Celebrity Twitter paenraeteo adding the ability to send* The new 2.0 version of my handwriting function Font file transfers made via e-mail recipient (The fonts can be used in various application Windows or Mac OS) Smartphone built into the cards can be set as background image Check made font, delete, or modify the function of easy-to-use support – Card Background overhaul[Key Features] – 5 minutes in your own handwriting font created – Korean, Japanese, English, and Special Characters Proud of my handwriting Gallery Support – Intuitive and easy user interface – Android (2.x/3.x/4.x) device supports various resolutions and – Galaxia tab support

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