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togetherAI is your family mental health and wellbeing companion, created to help parents/caregivers and children learn about life’s ups and downs so we can navigate the growing-up journey, together.Thousands of families have asked us for help: • Advice for communicating and talking about challenging issues and experiences. • Guidance on understanding and managing moods, feelings and emotions. • Support with accessing mental health and wellbeing information when they need it.togetherAI is a revolutionary app created for multiple users within a family; giving both parents/caregivers and their kids unique account logins and experiences within the one app.————————KEY FEATURES:————————• Real-time insights and visibility into moods, feelings, and emotions.• AI-driven detection of what conversations families need to have, and when.• A unique messaging experience that helps families to connect and communicate.• Tips for building mental resilience, and advice on over 150 mental health-related topics. Children create an AI-powered digital companion, which will chat, listen, check in on how they’re feeling, play games, share positivity, and teach them how to understand, manage and talk about their feelings and emotions. ?Parenting Guides provide step-by-step support for life’s most important conversations. Users can initiate a guided chat at the tap-of-a-button or be prompted by the companion when it detects an issue. Topics include anxiety, depression, happiness, sadness, anger management, boredom, attitude, responsibility, motivation, confidence, school, friendships, hygiene, sleep, nutrition, grief, screen time, online safety, bullying, and family values. ** Evidence-based research & resources **togetherAI uses a strengths-based approach to wellbeing and mental health, which has been prepared and curated by our team of healthcare professionals and specialists. With a focus on positive emotions, healthy relationships, coping strategies, and communication, the wellness content will help parents/caregivers to teach children about themselves, and to better connect with the world around them. ?** What our Beta Community of 20,000 parents/caregivers have shared with us **“I want to have better communication with my child.”“I want to know what my kids are feeling and thinking.”“Hoping to learn more parenting techniques.”“I need help talking with my 10 yr old about his feelings. We've always been very close and had good communication, however since the pandemic and multiple lockdowns and virtual schooling it's gotten really challenging.”“I wish I knew how to talk about healthy friendships.”“I want to support my family’s mental health by giving them someone to go to if they aren’t comfortable coming to me.”** What kids have told us **“I’m hoping this can help me with how angry I feel right now. I need advice.”“I need help with all my anxiety. I feel very sad and stressed.”“Hi. I’m finding it difficult trying to tell my parents how I feel.”“I know this is dumb but I get anxiety at school after eating.”“I think I have depression, but I’m not really sure. And I think I need help.”“Hi. I want to talk about my feelings PLS. I need to talk.”“It’s really nice to have a little friend check in on you every now and then.”These messages are a small sample of what we’ve received from people all over the world via our website customer service chatbot and customer research. ?The health, trust, safety, security, and wellbeing of users is our #1 priority, so togetherAI is designed to be two free apps in one. Parents/caregivers create and manage the family account, while kids get a unique profile and experience to engage in their own world for learning, sharing, discovery, and support. ? Privacy Policy: of Service:

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