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Developer Sivantos Pte. Ltd.
Publish Date: 2019-12-17
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The description of touchControl App

Turn your mobile device into a remote control for your Signia hearing aids! The app enhances discretion by hiding the remote control within your mobile device without the need for additional hardware. Full control of your hearing aids looks as subtle as checking for a text message.The app will only provide all the functions if configured by your hearing health specialist. The app is only compatible with the latest generation of Signia/Siemens 7bx, 5bx, 3bx, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Teneo and Teneo+ hearing aids. Click the Developer Website link at the bottom of this page for all compatible products.App features:• Change hearing programs without the need to touch your hearing aids.• Change the volume easily and discreetly.• Easily mute and unmute the hearing aids.• Adjust bass & treble to balance the quality of sound.• Easily manage the volume of your tinnitus program.• Adjust the span and direction of the microphones (7px, 5px, 7bx and 5bx devices).• Check the battery status of your hearing aids (7px, 5px and 3px devices).Intended use:The touchControl App is a tool whereby the patient can adjust convenience functions of a hearing aid, within a framework given by a hearing health specialist, e.g., ENT doctor, audiologist or acoustician.Device compatibility:The touchControl App is compatible with any Android device running Android 4.0 or higher public release. Hearing aid compatibility:The touchControl App is only compatible with the latest generation of Signia/Siemens 7px, 5px, 3px, 7bx, 5bx, 3bx, Orion 2, Sirion 2, Teneo and Teneo+ hearing aids. A full list of compatible hearing aids can be found by clicking the 'Visit Website' link at the bottom of this page.Control signals:The touchControl app generates short control signals which are designed to be played through the devices speakers and may be audible.To ensure correct operation and for safety reasons:1. While using the app do not hold the loudspeaker of this device to your ears or the ears of others. 2. While using the app do not use the device with headphones, headsets or other audio playback devices.PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THE MANUAL OF THE HEARING AIDS BEFORE USING THIS APP.Sivantos GmbH, Henri-Dunant-Strasse 100, 91058 Erlangen, Germany

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