February 22, 2024

Clip-in hair extensions are partially responsible for that trend due to their simplicity, versatility, and cost. To rival Kim K it’s best to go for our longest extensions which are 24-26” and come in both the Deluxe Set 180g and the Superior Set 280g. Read more about clip in hair extensions here. If you’re more petite though you might want to try our 20-22” extensions instead which are available in all of our sets but it will totally depend on your height.

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Don’t stress about getting your clip-in extensions perfect on your first try. Remember, clip-in hair extensions are only temporary so you can unclip them and try again as many times as it takes to get the right look. Now that you know all about hair extensions, you can start experimenting with clip-in braids or any one of our high-quality hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions, also known as glue-in or keratin bond extensions, use small keratin bonds that are melted with a heat gun near your natural roots. This process “fuses” or “bonds” your natural hair with the hair extensions for a long-lasting and durable look.

How to Apply Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

A wide toothed comb or a special detangling brush and a leave-in conditioner will definitely make the job easier and ensure the best results. You need to be sure the company is selling high-quality extensions in the colors they promise. The greatest part is that you get to decide exactly where you want to place each weft, so you have total control over the length and density of your look. Pull that hair straight up ,do a little genie bun on the top to keep everything out of the way. It is important that you check and make sure that you have a fairly straight part in the back it. Many believe that fake hair is more likely to tangle and break during heat styling. Whether you’re in the mood for braided pigtails, a fishtail braid, or a traditional braid, you have plenty of options.


Communicating with your stylist as to what style you prefer is the most important, and pictures definitely help. Blending hair extensions into natural hair varies based on the length and texture of your hair. Sulfate-free products might not create much lather, but they maintain the integrity of your hair extensions, which is the most important thing. Avoid formulas containing oils, extracts, hydrolyzed silk, wheat protein, or silicone. Sitting in a salon chair and having a pro dote over your strands is the easy part. While hair extensions offer an effortless revamp on a current hairstyle, they can be high maintenance when it comes to caring for them all on your own.

How To Hide Hair Extensions In Thin Hair?

Clip-in extensions are wefts of hair with clips attached at the top. To install, you simply section your hair, clip the extensions onto your roots, then let your hair down to blend.

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