February 22, 2024

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, so for patients whose primary goal is to lose weight liposuction should not be the primary option. As the procedure does not involve tightening of the underlying muscle tissue and skin removal/rejuvenation, liposuction does not offer significant weight loss options. In fact, it is required for liposuction patients to maintain a stable weight before undergoing the procedure. Read more about fettabsaugung türkei here. No—but combining two effective body shaping procedures creates dramatic results in the midsection compared to a stand-alone procedure. A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that specifically targets excess fat and loose skin in the abdomen. It can also tighten abdominal muscles that typically separate during pregnancy, which is not something that crunches and situps can ever achieve.

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As long as you continue to maintain a healthy weight, the positive results of liposuction are usually permanent. On occasion, liposuction on the lower limbs might be performed with an epidural, so you would be awake but feel nothing. Patients usually get back to work within 1-2 weeks after the procedure, and return to sports and other activities within the first couple of months. Full recovery and the final results are visible within the first 6 months after the procedure. Before the procedure, the surgeon will mark your body with a marker—to indicate the treatment site. Pictures may be taken, and 3D visualizations can be generated to visualize the potential outcome.

The final limit of the removal is the blood because there is no limit to the volume of pure fat removed. In 1978, two French surgeons, Dr. Illouz and Dr. Fournier, began using and developing liposuction techniques. They were the first to perform liposuction for purely cosmetic purposes. Follow your doctor’s post-op instructions to minimize swelling and post-op complications. People can usually get back to their normal routine in four to six weeks. Patients should stop taking these three weeks before surgery, he says. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Landon D. McLain provides liposuction to patients in Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and surrounding locations.

How to choose a liposuction surgeon

Through our unique approach to this procedure, called SenzaLipo, we can provide you with precision body sculpting that will accentuate all the right aspects of your appearance. If you are unsure whether your excess fat can be addressed, it is best to schedule a consultation with Senza Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Lawton strives to provide the best experience for everyone who chooses her practice for their aesthetic needs.

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Dr. Miller works with patients to ensure the healing process is working and that lumps are going away at an appropriate rate and not causing concern. Following a normal liposuction procedure, the patient can expect to experience some mild swelling and bruising as the area heals. The improvements in body contour and profile will be immediately apparent, becoming even more noticeable as the swelling gradually fades. A liposuction patient’s results can be long lasting and sometimes permanent, depending on how well he or she follows a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. Due to the fact that liposuction removes fat and some bodily fluids, patients lose an average of five to eleven pounds after receiving liposuction.

Understanding Your Weight Set-Point After Liposuction

The results of treatment can be permanent, and those who enjoy the longer-lasting results are those who continue to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight. Patients will see even better results if they integrate mild to moderate cardiovascular and strength training exercises several days a week and eat fresh, whole foods on a daily basis.

But first, before we get started, let’s briefly go over what liposuction is and what you can expect. Liposuction is most usually performed on areas where fat tends to congregate, such as the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. Some over-the-counter analgesics can elevate the risk of bruising and drainage. You shouldn’t take any medications that will interfere with blood clotting.

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