February 26, 2024

Here we unlock the answers to some common locksmith questions, including how much it’ll cost to hire one. The cost of becoming a locksmith depends on the type training that is selected.

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When should you replace door locks?

It’s rare to change the physical lock on a car’s doors or ignition if your keys get lost or stop working. Instead, an auto locksmith can rekey the old locks so that only a new key will work. Simple cylindrical deadbolts cost $40–$60, cylindrical lever locks cost $50–$70, and mortise locks cost $75–$125. Locksmiths usually charge an additional $40–$75 for labor, but may charge as little as $20 if you’re already changing the lock on that door. Since a locksmith must come to you, the company may charge a flat fee per visit to your home or car. For example, costs will likely be higher during peak hours or on nights and weekends.

When a locksmith works beyond normal working hours, services may require extra fees. However, with locksmithing, hours works and jobs completed is directly tied to the salary earned. The first step in earning the appropriate education for a career as a locksmith is to earn a high school diploma or GED.

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DIY Locksmithing

Programming involves linking specialized software to the car’s computer via the OBD port. The software teaches the car to recognize a FOB’s electromagnetic waves in a ‘handshake’ process between the FOB and car, allowing the FOB to start the car. In addition, you may obtain specialized knowledge and skills in a more defined field, such as automotive locksmithing. These tips will help you study more effectively from home, whether you are planning on joining an established business after completing your training or starting your own locksmith company.

If you are ever intending to branch out to more competitive locksmithing specializations (i.e. institutional locksmithing) many clients and future employers will require formal training. They want to ensure they are making a good investment in an individual. As previously discussed, on your journey to become a locksmith training is not always required. According to the BLS it is expected there will be a 11% decline through 2032. While there may not be many new jobs, there will still be opportunities to land jobs of those that are retiring or leaving the career that need to be replaced. There is a level for training and education you will need to go through before working as a locksmith.

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