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You must read and follow what’s written on the care label to ensure they remain tip-top. The best method is to follow the washing and drying instructions on the fiber you used to crochet the blanket. For example, cotton can be washed in a machine using hot or cold water.

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Unveil the secrets to restful sleep and join the Napperhood for a chance to win our perfect weighted blanket, the Cotton Napper. Get expert tips and insights delivered to your inbox. We recommend you tumble dry your Napper on low heat. You might need to do this twice to completely dry your weighted blanket.

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In general, a weighted blanket should be replaced every 5 years. But, with proper care, you may be able to enjoy your weighted blanket for even longer. Before using your weighted blanket, it’s best to dry them first.

Again, this is a blanket so exact measurements aren’t key. The next time you need a baby gift or have a friend who is expecting, your skills will come in handy. Once your pieces are cut out, iron them flat, so they are ready to go into your sewing machine.

Below we’ve outlined each of these steps in more detail. Now that you’ve got a good few weeks of coziness and deep sleep under your belt, it’s a good time to think about washing your Napper. So you’d need more ounces of a bulky yarn than of a light weight yarn, to make a twin size blanket.

What Do You Do When You Spill a Drink on the Weighted Blanket?

I’m here to help you calculate how much yarn you’ll need for your next blanket, as accurately as possible. Basotho blankets are known for their bright colors and bold geometric patterns. They are typically made from a thick woolen material to provide warmth in the cold highlands of Lesotho and South Africa. The blankets are an important cultural symbol for the Basotho people and are often worn for special occasions such as weddings, funerals, and traditional ceremonies.

Read more about plaid grosse maille, plaid beige , plaid bleu here. As merino wool is naturally antibacterial, there’s usually no need for extra cleaning. If something spills on the blanket, you can gently remove the dirt with your hands or use a damp cloth. Now take the working yarn and pull it through two right-side stitches at a time. Leave that one stitch in hand, take the next one free stitch and put it on hand so you again have two stitches. Pull the working yarn through both stitches so you again are left with one stitch only. Repeat this process until all the stitches are finished and you’re left with one stitch on your hand. To make the knitting even, use your hand as a measuring tool – pull each one stitch on your hand, so the stitches are all the same size.

Are you looking for a cozy crochet blanket to make, or maybe you want to learn how to crochet your first easy blanket? If so, look no further because the Andy Crochet Throw Blanket is the one crochet pattern you’ll want to make as a beginner crocheter. The number of granny squares you’ll need for a blanket depends on the desired size of your final blanket. If each granny square is approximately 6 inches, then you can calculate the number of squares needed based on the dimensions of common blanket sizes. If sewing’s not your jam, you might prefer the flat slip-stitch seam. You can use the same color as the last round of the granny square so the seam blends in.

Best Products for Cleaning a Weighted Blanket

My free 4-week class teaches someone how to crochet from start to finish. This free masterclass was specifically designed for those that have never crocheted before. When you are done the final stitch, cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Then, pull the end through the last loop to secure it. Once your blanket gets longer, it may start sliding off of your work surface. This will make it easier to knit as your blanket gets larger.

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