February 22, 2024

Starting a solo cleaning business is cheaper in the beginning, but might be more difficult to scale as the company grows. If you’re a business owner or manager considering hiring professional commercial cleaning services, look no further. We specialize in keeping your business clean and safe for your employees and visitors. Click here to contact us today and learn more about our professional commercial cleaning services. As you can see, many factors can go into setting prices for house cleaning services. If you want to see what a house cleaning service can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact Pure House Cleaning.

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Step 1: Fund your cleaning business

Plus, you can quickly convert your estimates into invoices when the job’s done.Next step? Now that you’ve set your rates and sent your estimate, download one of our professional-looking free house-cleaning invoice templates (no email required) to start getting paid. A 3-bedroom, 2,000-square-foot home typically costs between $160 to $200 on average to clean. You need to estimate how long it will take your company to clean the house, not how long the customer thinks it’ll take you. The customer is not in charge of a cleaning company, and they won’t have the same level of understanding as you of what the job requires.

Cleaning Type

Thirdly, if a client has their own supplies for your use, your rate will need to be adjusted. In areas such as San Francisco, CA, or New York City, the cost of living will be higher. You will find a lower cost of living in more rural areas of the country. However, you’ll still have to purchase your basic supplies — which can be tough to do before you have any money flowing in. Plus, you can use Homebase’s GPS time clock to prevent any time theft by ensuring employees are at the job site when they clock in and out.

Specialty cleaning providers offer professional cleaning of windows, floors, carpets, sofas, etc. The cost of your equipment includes the cleaning supplies needed to complete a particular job as well as the tools for the services offered. For example, businesses that specialize in window cleaning services need to purchase soap and gloss for the windows as well as water buckets, scrapers, and sponges. In general, basic home cleaning services cost $100 – $150 for a four-room house. Hiring someone to clean your entire property will depend on the size and how dirty it is, but most companies charge between $120 – 200 per hour with a minimum of three hours required. Groupon conducted a survey of its cleaning service providers to determine how long it takes a 2-person team to clean residences of different sizes.

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You’ll want to be thoughtful in the name you select for your business, as it is an important aspect of your marketing and branding efforts. The name you choose should reflect the services you provide, the values of your company, or some combination of both.

If you charge too low, you won’t make enough to cover labor, supplies and equipment, and overhead costs. A limited liability company is the most common business structure for cleaning businesses that choose not to be sole proprietors. An LLC offers protections similar to those of a corporation, but comes with different tax and legal requirements. A corporation is a separate legal entity that you’d create for your cleaning business. Forming a corporation separates you (and your personal assets!) from the day-to-day operations and liabilities of your cleaning company. Most cleaning companies who choose to form a corporation become an S corp.

This adds an upfront cost to starting your business, but allows you to charge a higher price for your services. How much you charge for house cleaning requires considering some pricing factors.

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