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Save time and effort by determining whether the proposed corporate name is available before filing the incorporation documents. Contact your state’s secretary of state’s office and ask them to reserve the name for you. Once the secretary of state’s office accepts the articles of incorporation, it will send a certificate of incorporation. Many states require that a copy of the certificate of incorporation be recorded in the local recorder’s office where the corporation resides. Read more about USA company registration here. Importantly, a corporation is separate and distinct from its owners (known as shareholders). To form a corporation, articles of incorporation must be filed with the secretary of state’s office in the state in which the corporation is being organized. As discussed in detail above, incorporation means forming an independent business entity, typically a Corporation.

After you’ve decided on a name for your ecommerce business, you’ll need to choose the type of business entity which best fits your online store. Read more about USA company formation here. There are two main options; registering your business as an LLC, or incorporation. There are distinct differences between these two options, so we’ve broken down the key points which you’ll need to know so you can make the best decision for your ecommerce business. Large corporations are called C-corp and comparatively smaller ones are called S-corps. The company has to pay taxes separately based on the profit it makes. On the other hand, the owners and shareholders must pay income tax separately. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure that protects your personal assets in case your company gets sued.

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Please note that forming an LLC in the USA does not grant you any visas to work in the USA. Opening a company in the USA is an excellent way to expand your business overseas. Additionally, if you wish to elect S corporation status, you should also discuss this at the initial meeting and gain approval. A shareholder agreement will help protect the interests of any remaining shareholders in case certain events take place.

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Startup founders use Capbase to incorporate, issue stock, raise funds, onboard new hires, and more. Learn why startup investors strongly prefer to invest in C Corporations over LLCs and what are the tax and legal reasons behind that situation. Bylaws — These establish the framework for how your company’s board, officers, and stockholders should perform duties and operations. Action by Sole Incorporator — This is a procedural document that appoints you, the founder, as the initial director of the company.

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Starting an LLC for tax benefits is advantageous due to its pass-through taxation structure. A limited liability company, often referred to as LLC, is a business entity ideal for business owners who are looking for more protection from personal liability. LLC is the least complicated and restrictive type of business structure to establish and operate, as you can act as your own registered agent to complete the operating agreement.

These filing services can take the guesswork out of learning how to start an LLC, from helping you choose a compliant business name to acting as your registered agent and filing your paperwork with the state. Remember, though, you must be available during all business hours to receive important legal or tax documents. Whenever a company does business within a single state, it has to register with the state government, which means paying the necessary taxes and filling out paperwork.

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Northwest helps companies around the world do business in the USA every day. Read on to learn everything from where to incorporate, how to get a tax ID, how to maintain your business, and what your legal obligations will be. Our USA company packages include everything you need to get started, including the support of our local Corporate Guides®. The cost of registering a company in the USA varies from state to state. You’ll need to consult your local authorities to determine the exact costs of incorporating your business and filing all of the necessary paperwork. Then, you’ll need to decide in which state you’d like to incorporate your company.

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