February 22, 2024

Do you remember the last time you attended an event with porta potties? If so, you likely remember smelling them long before you saw them, waiting in line, and holding your breath while squatting in the dark. Many people would prefer to hold it in for hours than endure that kind of torment. Many trailers include climate control options, making them the perfect choice for hot summer days and cold winter nights. Furthermore, the trailers are often furnished with upgraded appliances and light fixtures, giving them the appearance of a modern bathroom. This makes them ideal for spaces where you need as many toilets as possible. You’ll be able to fit more units in a small space, giving your guests the convenience of not having to wait in line.

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Additionally, with more significant events, it’s critical to consider the male-to-female ratio when figuring out how many restroom trailers are necessary. To ensure that all attending feel comfortable and secure, providing individual men’s and women’s restroom areas can be beneficial and appealing for your guests. With the growth of the use of restroom trailers rather than plastic potties for special events it is important to know how to set up a restroom trailer for your event.

How to Choose Your First Restroom Trailer

From here, you can choose to contact another company to get another price quote or accept the quote the company has given you. Once accepted, the company and you will work out details about transportation and any other fees. Then you just follow their instructions to get your porta potty rental on time and on-site. Though the design is simple, modern portable toilets come equipped with many options depending on your budget. Basic models will have a toilet or urinal and a hand sanitizing station. More advanced models may include sinks, mirrors, and other modern amenities. Portable toilets have a very distinct look too, so no one will have a hard time locating the facilities when they need them.

How Many Trailers are Needed?

Read more about luxury restroom trailer rentals here. Freestanding hand-washing stations are suitable for places without running water hookup. Position a single or double unit alongside each porta potty group.

You may be wondering how many porta-potty rentals you need for your event. Whether you’re setting up a restroom trailer for an event or a construction site, safety is one of the top priorities. No one should feel threatened or in danger when entering or exiting a restroom, which is why it’s important to follow OSHA regulations. The first step in choosing a restroom trailer is knowing the size that’s needed for your event. This will ensure that it can easily fit on your venue’s grounds.

Corporate events or events open to the public might also require an ADA-compliant restroom trailer. Restroom Trailers are a convenient alternative to traditional porta potties and provide many benefits that can make your next event a success. All portable toilets should be maintained and sanitized at regularly-scheduled intervals. It is a clean, uneventful procedure that allows multi-day events, in particular, to continuously provide clean portable toilets for the masses, at all times. We take customer service to the next level by providing everything you need for your portable bathroom trailers. You will receive a clean unit ready for use, but we also include a bathroom attendant to make sure they stay that way.

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