February 22, 2024

It is often a surprise to people when they first
start out to understand exactly what it will cost to start a business. Some
have wild ideas of purchasing a office location on a busy street to bring in
clients, while others want to go out an buy brand new installation equipment
without knowing how to pay for it. We will cover the do’s and don’t of starting
up and how to best calculate your needs for getting the company off the ground. In landscaping design, front yard curb appeal is all about making your house look its best—and you can do that with strong foundation planting. The planting areas at the base of your home’s walls offer the perfect way to frame your house and cohesively connect your home and garden.

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Xeriscape and Environmental Garden Design

“We recommend that homeowners look to work with companies that are members of a local or state or national association,” Henriksen says. Someone in your circle is bound to have a tried-and-true landscaping pro they’d recommend, and a positive reference from a trusted friend can be as reliable as dozens of online reviews.

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You can print out a Google Earth map or an early landscape plan and just sketch over it with tracing paper. Or, you can start in your sketchbook without a map to get started.

Why Lawn Love?Lawn Love MakesLawn Care Easy

You know we have many goals that we can think of to improve our ecosystem but it’s a really important part of planning your garden. Step 2 is to actually draw the site and I’ll show you because I’ve done it here. This one’s obviously very simple which is good for this example. Serving discerning homeowners, architects, landscape architects, general contractors, and leading property managers throughout New Jersey and New York City. Conceptualizing your landscape design will help to make the most of available sunlight, existing plants, and the topography. The best way to start is by looking carefully at your property to determine areas of sun, shade, slope, or other features of your existing landscape. I have ten or more different cultivars in my yard that bloom at different times, so there’s allium blooming in my yard from late spring through September.

Some smaller projects such as a simple paving stone walkway or a basic planting can often have a smaller landscape design cost, so if you have a smaller project, we can talk about what the design fee may be set at. If designed properly, landscaping can improve the drainage of a yard. This also helps protect the property from water damage, while also ensuring that the landscaping lasts throughout the seasons. There’s no question that larger, more complex landscaping projects are going to have higher price tags.

But before I put anything in I had to see what was going on. The main thing I often look at is the sun so I wanted to see where the full sun was in this area because I was going to plant fruit trees. So that’s the site plan and when you’re done with that you want to make some photocopies because we’re going to be doing a few different things with it. Step 3 is to do a site analysis and that’s when we look at the different energies that are coming onto your site and I guess again I’ll just show you. Off to the left is a Burning Bush standard which you can see over there. There’s a Rose of Sharon which I’ve drawn right here and there are a few other shrubs here and the English Ivy is back here. I’m also doing crop rotation by bringing the corn and squash in here because last year I had tomatoes in here and peppers so I’m doing a different plant family this year.

How to Start the Design Process

I’m always choosing plants with a “plant community” idea in mind. So I think a lot about that lower plant level, or “green mulch” we were talking about. I usually decide on the larger, more structural plants first.

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