February 22, 2024

Create your own custom branded WiFi splash page that every guest uses to log in to your vacation rental’s WiFi. StayFi ensures every guest remembers your brand, not Vrbo or Airbnb. The average acquisition growth rate is 40x faster than any other digital channel.

Legacy WiFi marketing platforms only allow you to collect guest data from one source – your guest WiFi – to build a CRM database. Learn how WiFi Marketing uses guest WiFi to measure guest behavior, build your CDP when guests opt into WiFi, and automate marketing campaigns. Wiacom is the ideal WiFi marketing tool for restaurants and cafes looking to raise their profits and gain more exposure. Give your customers the personalized experience that they expect and demand while gaining direct insight into their behavior. Many quick-service restaurants rely on repeat customers to keep their business operating in the black. Wifi marketing systems are an easy and effective way to gauge how many customers are coming back on a regular basis, and how frequently they visit. Collected addresses are easily exportable to your email marketing platform.

WiFi Marketing

And moreover, the customers who are using store WiFi hotspots stay longer. Boost your social presence,get more Facebook Likes and build engaging post login experiences. Keep your data connected to the third-party tools that you already love and use, such as MailChimp, Zapier, Twilio, Constant Contact, Active Campaign and hundreds more. WiFi marketing is only possible when you have a secure wireless network and the bandwidth to support it.

WiFi Marketing and How Can it Help You

Yet, for many patrons, the desire to visit a museum depends on how often there is something new and exciting to see. The results showed that ‘in a store’ was third on the list of most common places to use a smartphone, after home and work. So, according to the study, the average device-using American is using a smartphone more than any other device. Well, the same Google study asked respondents where they use their phones most.

You’ll want to provide your customers with the best possible experience, and free WiFi will be part of that. Customers want to stay connected, work, catch up with friends online, scroll news, social media, and other sites while enjoying their dining, drink, or snack experience. Customers that have access to free WiFi will enjoy a better customer experience. They will be more satisfied and are more likely to return to your business. While WiFi marketing offers numerous advantages, businesses must also consider factors such as data privacy, network reliability, and compliance with regulations. Prioritizing the user experience and obtaining customer consent for data collection are essential elements of successful WiFi marketing strategies. Encourage customers to check out online reviews to guide their purchase, but also make it easy for them to make their purchase right there and then with you.

It takes the guess work out of building an average customer profile by relying on data instead of opinion. It’s also collecting data whenever your store is open, allowing users to maintain an up-to-date customer profile. A Wifi Marketing System is using a wireless internet device that provides free wifi to customers in exchange for an email address or other contact information. Wifi Marketing is the practice of creating an opt-in wifi network for your brick and mortar visitors to use while in your stores. JoinMyWifi marketing platform provides usage analytics, demographics and customer information via a web dashboard. From inside the web dashboard each business can manage all aspects of configuration. Login to web dashboard can be done using username & password via any desktop computer or mobile device that is connected to the internet.

Everything you need to run your restaurant, all on one platform.

You can only really succeed with WiFi marketing and keep people engaged if you work with a WiFi provider that helps you overcome the challenges highlighted above. Customer engagement helps to maintain your loyalty while improving brand exposure at the same time. Read more about wifi network email harvesting here. An unsuitable WiFi provider can leave you short is if the coverage area of the infrastructure they provide isn’t enough to cover the entire location. Especially if the area of your business is large, you might find that visitors in certain areas are benefitting from fast access to WiFi while those in the opposite area can’t access it at all.

Getting customers to use your Wi-Fi network

Every WiFi network enables to track, locate and enagage with customers in real time as soon as customer enters its range (on iOS customer has to be connected to the WiFi network). Once customer signs in to a free WiFi, you have the ability to communicate with him or her through a proximity app. The app determines customer’s indoor position based on the signal from a WiFi router and can deliver a personalised greeting or offer a discount. With the data that the Classic Hotspot platform can collect, you will keep in touch with your customers in various ways. You can send them special offers for their birthdays/anniversaries, and various discount coupons on their devices.

This data forms the basis for creating a comprehensive customer profile and understanding customer behavior. With WiFi Marketing you increase the frequency of visits, build customer loyalty, communicate your offers or promotions and most importantly, you will grow your business. One of the most valuable features of a WiFi marketing platform is the ability to track the results of email and SMS marketing campaigns. Gathering social media profiles for login is often possible, but after Facebook’s privacy revelations customers are much less likely to use their Facebook accounts on WiFi networks. Merely asking can be a “turn-off” for some potential users and is unnecessary besides. In 2022, if a restaurant, retailer, hotel, stadium, transportation hub or even bank doesn’t offer free guest internet, it is losing customers to another venue that does. Worse, the business loses the many powerful marketing opportunities that guest WiFi offers.

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