February 22, 2024

There are reportedly only 13 irregular verbs in the entire language. For Roman script-based language speakers, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that Turkish, whilst spoken in a land so close to countries with Arabic scripts, uses the Roman script.

Turkish is a very phonetic language, so pronunciation is very easy. Most words are pronounced exactly as they are spelled. Well this is an extreme example, and in truth, words of this length are not regularly used in conversation. However, the principle is that once you have learned the finite number of suffixes, you can then conjugate any verb accurately. Feel free to leave us feedback on your experiences so we can continue to get better, and make your learning journey even more enjoyable. Location is no longer a roadblock in your Turkish studies! With today’s technology, you can continue learning wherever you are.

Combine your Turkish lessons with everyday activities. Tune in to a podcast while you clean, review yesterday’s lesson on your commute, or listen to some Turkish music at the gym.

Because that’s exactly how real Turkish locals speak. They only use 20% of their vocabulary for 80% of their conversation. So, you can access most of the Turkish everyday speech with minimal vocabulary. That’s the best way to learn Turkish and the fastest road to fluency. Although often seen as a very homogeneous country, Turkey’s linguistic diversity is second-to-none. Turkey boasts a wide range of languages spoken by various ethnic groups. But how many languages are spoken in Turkey, exactly?

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But there are many other languages in Turkey, remnants of a glorious multicultural past. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has a unique cultural heritage shaped by its diverse linguistic and historical background. With a population similar to Germany’s (over 85 million), Turkey is home to several minority languages, each with its distinct features and historical significance. It is not a well-known fact that over 70 languages are spoken in Turkey, although the official language is only Turkish, which is  the mother tongue for around 85-90% of the population. Other languages are spoken by minority groups, such as Kurds, Arabs, Zazas, and Armenians. While you can only say the name of your country, there are also different ways to answer this question in Turkish.

Here are some real-life Turkish dialogues to see the words in context and learn better. If you want to be extra polite, you can say “sorduğunuz için teşekkürler” which has a meaning thanks for asking about me. You should say this phrase only in formal situations.

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I think you would be asking this question if you are a foreigner planning to relocate to Turkey or even coming for a visit. To be barred from a large part of your culture truly affects your identity, and yet it’s not always immediately obvious. I had always considered myself a perfect cross of British and Turkish.

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Now, how long does it take to learn the Turkish language based on the estimations of the FSI? They’ve estimated that it takes 44 weeks or 1100 hours to reach a professional working level in Category III languages. Due to a large immigrant population, Germany is home to about 1.5 million Turkish speakers.

One learned to read and write fluently, even becoming the village “muhtar” (elected representative) in the 1940s. The other, however, never fully grasped the concept of reading new Turkish; he was known in later life to ask my father to read the newspaper out loud because his own reading was too slow. Whenever he did read, he would spell out the letters before bringing them together into a word. It may be that he was not able to regularly attend the National School due to the need to farm the land, and so was left with this childlike method of phonetic reading.

Learning from movies and series is the only way I never felt bored or overwhelmed. TurkishClass101.com shares videos that are simple, short, and enjoyable. Read more about english turkish translator here. I highly recommend you to check this channel to boost your Turkish. When I first came to Turkey I had no intention to stay here and I have never thought about learning the Turkish language devotedly. I was born in Turkey to a British mother and a Turkish father, moving back to the U.K. At the age of 2, and was always surrounded by both English and Turkish. I have one hazy memory of watching a squeaky Turkish cartoon and knowing instinctively what the evil character meant when he shrieked “seni mahvedecegim!.

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