February 22, 2024

Once it is completely dried, the preserved breast milk is ground into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. The fine powder is then mixed with a special resin that hardens, creating a durable, long-lasting stone to be set into jewelry. The first step in making breast milk jewelry is collecting the breast milk. Mothers can either express their milk by hand or use a breast pump to collect a small amount of milk (usually around 1 oz is needed). It is important to ensure that the milk is fresh and has been properly stored to maintain its quality. Expired breast milk is fine, as long as there is no mold present.

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And you can use the glass beads to create a piece of memorial jewelry that suits your style. Monica was devastated when her dog Max died in the first week of 2021. Read more about jewellery made from ashes here. She decided to put his ashes in an urn away from home after she became dissatisfied with the idea of just storing them at home. Monica’s research was inspired by her experience of receiving a necklace made of ashes.

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You will be impressed to know that we generally ship out the final product within a day or two of receiving the Ash Collection kit back from you. Compare that to others – and their time frame of 4-6 weeks – and we know you will be happy to know your special gift will be coming very soon. Additionally, I know my own children will probably be fighting over this beautiful heirloom-quality jewelry once I am gone, because they all loved their grandfather very much. 1) We specialize in fully personalized designs, so we can recreate any style or design you would like to have made! All you need to do is send us inquiry by clicking here, and giving us a brief description of the jewel you would like to have made. Gold is a soft metal and not as susceptible to tarnish as sterling, but there are still some preventive measures to maintain its radiance. Proper preventative care can keep your gold jewelry shining and looking like new.

Is there a warranty on the jewellery?

Another option is to simply place the entire sealed original bag of ashes inside an urn of sufficient size, which is a straightforward task. Remove the plastic bag from the original delivery box, place the bag inside an urn of your choosing and close the lid.

Or, if you would prefer, we also offer gift certificates which can be gifted to your grieving loved one. This will ensure they can pick out exactly what they would like. And you will know that you had a small part in helping them through their grieving process. Despite being truly unique and hand-made especially for you, you will not have to wait a long time to receive your jewelry.

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