Name Water Raft – Sea Base
Category Arcade
Size 72MB
Popularity 2163
Publish Date 2022-08-20 23:31:09
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Mod Info:

Water Raft – Sea Base

Water Raft – Sea Base Game Introduction :

This survivor hypercasual game revolves around idea of building your raft, collecting resources and than building out your island for a greater life.
You play as a survivor that is left on a simple raft. You collect resources, fight pirates, kick away nasty crabs and sharks in order to build out your raft, save other survivors and than bring resources back to build out your island.
If you love survivor games and you enjoy hypercasual idle arcades than this would be a great selection by you. It will bring you the atmosphere of grind and collecting, while giving you fun combats, and building experiences.

Water Raft – Sea Base (72MB)

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