February 22, 2024

Let the momentum of your left arm swinging down bow your left wrist. Set up in neutral joint alignment and bump your weight up onto your front foot. Read more about Golf Ball Air Cannon here. Your left ankle, hip and shoulder will be stacked vertically, creating the kind of position you would be in at impact. We’re going to start out working on the left hand only, without the club.

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Preset the weight on your left side, just as you did before. Turn back to about waist high, keeping your wrist nice and soft, and then allow it to bow forward with the momentum of the club as you change direction and start into the downswing. In Step 2 you’re going to repeat the same movements, this time making some mini swings with a club & impact bag. Hold the club in your left hand with a nice neutral grip. It’s a good idea to watch the video for this lesson a couple of times to make sure you’re getting all the pieces correct, and watch yourself on video to check that it looks the way you think it does. As you swing back down, allow the left wrist to bow with the momentum of your arm, so the logo of your glove points straight down at the ground by the time you get to the impact position.

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Let’s take a closer look at the aerodynamics and physics involved in a golf shot to understand the speeds a typical golf ball reaches. When I did all my ball testing on course and with my fitting, I kept coming back to the Chromesoft. It felt the best, had all around the best numbers and performance, and the distance was all close enough. In fact, I am a half club longer with irons using this ball. Also, as @braincramp52 pointed out, most fitters will tell you to work backwards for a ball starting with the putter.

I get asked all the time what I’m thinking over the ball. This video finally answers it – …

This time they turned its destructive blades loose on everything from a bowling ball to an iPad to a crateful of rubber duckies. The 6000 fps slow-motion footage provides the best look at the carnage. Saw off a good foot (maybe more) for the pressure chamber, and leave the rest for the barrel. Saw a slim ring off the ends of the barrel to make sure they’re nice and square.

Rule 5-1/4 of the USGA rule book states that “it is permissible for such a ball to be used”. So there you have it, Refinished golf balls are permissible in tournament play!

So the measured lateral deflections in the tunnel, 11.7 inches at 1,200 rpm and 17.5 inches at 1,800 rpm, represent the maximum curvature predicted for a pitched ball traveling 100 ft/sec. It’s possible though that this is due to lower spin due to greater negative gear effect, and hence more energy transfer, but I think also possible that a design difference causes different ball speeds. In practice, though, averages and maximums seemed to correspond quite closely for all clubs. Conventional golf shots rely on technique more than brute force. Maintaining balance, rhythm, and precision hitting the sweet spot efficiently are required to achieve supreme ball speeds.

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